Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two birds fly in the sky, my turning mind

Two birds fly in the sky, my turning mind
is confused by the symbols. I can't find
a sense in this diction, her blushing cheek
trembles under my lips. It's been a week
or two since I first knew I was in love
with the idea of her. I have to prove

the symmetry of triangles, to prove
myself before her. I sing to remind
the moving world of her benefic love
and glorious mercy. Still, I've yet to find
beloved in a body here, the weeks
turn into months. The hair grows on my cheeks

and chin, I had a dream about her cheeks
and breasts. I hope the course I forecast proves
to be the one realized, in just a week
the Moon is full again. She's on my mind
the way a thought is, I'm searching to find
a word for her, an explanation. Love

is not time's fool, incomprehensible love
floods through my self in waves. Her warm-pink cheek
receives my words, the words I do not find
but receive from the world. The Sun approves
of our mysterious tryst, a whirling mind
of air masses is moving and the weakened

atmosphere is in conflict. Three weeks
until the equinox, I want to love
you like I've never loved before, to mind
when you are gone, to miss your blood-red cheeks
when I'm inside. I weave a verse to prove
my worth and virtue to you, for to find

a form to hold myself. In her I find
the fairest creature, one that makes me weak
in love, a demure angel that has proved
to amuse me. I hear that making love
beneath the stars is divine, feel my cheek
brush against your thigh. You hear my mind

and see my thought as clouds that prove my love
is found in you, and with the turning weeks
closer become our cheeks and patient minds.

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